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Our Story


Revivid was born in California's Bay Area, the heartland of America’s Cannabis Country. For years our team ran medical cannabis collectives.  During this time patients would ask for something they could use that wouldn't get them ‘high’ but had the same healing effects. This led us to seek out strains of cannabis, rich in Cannabidiol (CBD). After cultivating and testing dozens of cannabis strains, we identified a few special cultivars that had a robust growth structure and were extremely low in THC while being rich in CBD. From these unique genetics, Revivid was founded to bring the health benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis safely into the lives of our community. 

The Agricultural Act of 2014 federally legalized industrial hemp, opening a door for Revivid to create our own vertically integrated CBD supply chain. This allowed Revivid to control every facet of the refining process, using what we learned to create the best CBD products anywhere. With this knowledge we moved to Colorado, an environment known for it’s clean air and rich soil, to begin producing the purest and most potent CBD-rich products for people to enjoy worldwide.

Our desire for quality extends through the cultivation, into the extraction, refinement & formulation of every Revivid product. The Revivid Team’s advocacy and engagement with regulators helped guide and develop quality standards within the industry.  

Revivid’s commitment to quality shines through all of our product lines. With our Revivid Whole, Sport, and Pet Lines, you have decades of our cannabis & natural ingredient knowledge distilled into each & every product offered.  Be it Tinctures, Soft Gels, Topicals and Pet, Revivid is made exclusively with proprietary USDA Certified Organic CBD & formulated with the finest natural ingredients available. 

We know you will feel the difference