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CBD is a burgeoning industry. A few years ago, someone wanting to incorporate CBD into their life would be hard pressed to find a source. Today, we’re overwhelmed with choices. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of something new and exciting, and we can’t even been to describe how passionate we are about developing a product that can benefit everyone’s life so greatly.

As a consumer, we know it can be tricky navigating through the ocean of products available to you. As the producers of one of the best CBD lines available, we want to take you behind the scenes and share exactly  why so many are choosing Revivid Sport. It’s simple: We’re a vertically integrated company, which means that we handle the production of our CBD product every step of the way.

We own all of our 600+ acre fields where we grow all of our hemp organically. We harvest every year (right around this time!) and bring it to our facility in Evergreen, Colorado. What exactly is extraction? It is the process of pulling the oil from the raw hemp plant. Using super critical carbon dioxide and pressure, the oil separates from the plant material. We then use proprietary methods to extract the oil from the hemp before it gets processed into the tinctures, softgels, and lotions. We stock it in our warehouse on site, and our Shipping and Receiving department packs it up to be sent to you!