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Whole CBD Soft Gels

With all the things you have to keep up with in your life, taking CBD shouldn't add to your worries. With that in mind, Revivid Whole Softgels were developed to make it stress free to consume your CBD. These little soft gels pack a punch! Every bottle of Revivid Whole Softgels comes to you containing 40 individual softgels filled with a total of 1000 mg of CBD. Each tiny capsule is filled with a precise dose of 25 mg’s of CBD derived exclusively from hemp, grown on our Certified Organic farm in Strasburg, CO. The convenience and portability of our softgels makes bringing your CBD with you easier than ever. Whether at home or on the go, Revivid Whole Softgels removes the guesswork out of taking your CBD. Experience the difference. Feel the potency!

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CBD Soft Gels